photo by James Robertson


Boundproof is about riding bikes and pushing your limits. It's about going to places you never imagined. Riding  further and faster than you thought possible. It's about sharing the things we love, inspiring others and encouraging them to get involved. We write, photograph and film what we do in the hope that you'll join us or get out there yourself. Adventure is more accessible than ever before.

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At the moment there are two main contributors to Boundproof


Stéphane Mehdi Ouaja

Stéphane is a Paris bike messenger. He switched from urban to long distance cycling when he took part in and finished the 2015 Transcontinental on his fixed gear bike... Since the he returned to the Transcontinental in 2016, finishing strongly despite mechanical and route finding problems.

Nelson Trees

Nelson really started riding bikes in Shanghai on a fixie. He then stepped things up a bit by riding from Shanghai to Paris on a homemade carbon fibre tandem. He took part in the 2015 & 2016 Transcontinental Races. He didn't finish the first time around but came 7th on his second attempt.