Indian Pacific Wheel

The Indian Pacific Wheel, I have the dream to race on every continent, and this one is on my list. Going through Australia from Perth to Sydney, its a 5500km journey along the south coast (unsupported shit again bro !) . 

What's specific about this one ? First, Australia is a very particular place for this kind of race. Riders will have to deal with very different landscapes, from desert to forest, flat and mountain. There will be a big difference of temperature between day and night. They will also have to deal with sections with very long distances between towns or gas station. Resupply will be a big issue. One of the things racers will need to think about seriously when they pack their bags is having a good capacity for water (at least) and food. Maybe some survival skills will also be useful for this race. I can't wait to hear stories from this race!

Next, there are some seriously skilled riders at the start, many are waiting for the answer to the question "who's the fastest rider between Kristoff Allegaert and Mike Hall" ? But there also many others guys who will be in contention, Steffen Streich, Kai Edel, Troy Bailey, Jesse Carlson. And let's don't forget a couple of women who will battling it out not only between themselves but for the general classification too: Julian Buhring and Sarah Hammond.


K. Allegaert, M. Hall, Your money ? (Picture Jaegher / Brooks England)

Kristoff is certainly one of the top riders  (if not N01) in the world, with 3 win on the Transcontinental Race, a victory on the Trans-Siberian Extreme and many other exploits. In an interview for the Indy Pac Raw, Kristoff agreed it's a difficult race physically and mentally (alone in empty landscape). Still for the Indy Pac Raw, Mike Hall who recently smashed the Tour Divide record  says he is training to bring up his athletic skills. He knows Kristoff and needs to be well prepared to race against him. But surprises can happen and maybe there is another rider out there who is up to the challenge. There will be misakes and stories from the road for sure!

Be there !


Indian Pacific Wheel website // Race route // Indy Pac Raw Youtube Channel by Curve Cycling


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